About Us


Wireless Made 4U s.r.o. (WM4U) was founded in 2020,
WM4U is a privately owned company located in Galanta, Slovakia.
WM4U is a provider and developer of wireless solutions for industrial applications in areas such as clean and wastewater, oil & gas and environmental monitoring. The company focuses on solution developing specialized, standards-based components, based on ISA100, Wireless HART, LoRaWan and other wireless industrial Sensor Networks into the Internet of Things.
The WM4U solutions are delivered directly to customers and over a network of partners in the main industrialized regions of Europe.
The WM4U team possesses the required skills and capabilities to execute professionally the design of wireless application solutions under tight requirements for reliability, cost, and long lifetime. With access to state-of-the-art equipment for measurements and wireless communication, the WM4U engineers have the necessary tools to perform the complex task for performance compliance. To ensure high product quality and fast availability, WM4U has a network of reputable EMS subcontractors for high quality product manufacturing that meets the most demanding quality standards in the industry.
The WM4U team has extensive experience with the using of standards that form the base of the IoT ecosystem of two of the most prominent standards for wireless communications in industrial harsh environments, namely ISA100 Wireless or Wireless HART and in IoT LoRaWan based communication too.
WM4U owns a reference ISA100, Wireless HART and LoRaWan implementation, complete for field devices and field routers that has been tested and is being delivered in the demanding market segment of Water market, Chemical, Food @ Beverage, Pharma and Oil & Gas.
The European Union Property Office registered on 21.8.2021 WM4U company activities and logo in the Register of EU trade marks.